2019 SUSC U13 United Cup Rules

Tournament Coordinator:  Cheryl Arevalo

Phone:  306-381-4953

Mailing Address:   Saskatoon United Soccer
Box 30070
Saskatoon, SK, Canada, S7L 7M6

Tournament Venue:  Newsham Field (31st Street West and Avenue W North)

Download Tournament Rules (PDF) (updated May 7, 2019)

General Information
  • The field will be unlocked ½ hour prior to the first game each morning.
  • You cannot reach headquarters through email or fax during the tournament, only by phone or in-person.
  • Any enquires prior to the tournament date can be sent to susctournament@gmail.com

Cancellation Policy: If for any reason your team cannot attend the SUSC Under 13 United Cup Tournament, PLEASE INFORM US IMMEDIATELY BY CALLING: 1 (306) 381-4953 and then in writing. Call even if your participation is questionable or if you are considering cancellation. It is very important that you inform us immediately of your cancellation for the following reasons: Limited spaces; Waiting lists; and Changes to game schedules. Remember that you must cancel your own hotel reservations. If you do not inform us of your cancellation, we will expect your team at your first scheduled game. Failure to notify of your team's cancellation will result in your provincial association being notified of your action. Teams which cancel on or prior to May 31st, 2019 will be charged a $50.00 Administration Fee.

After May 31st, 2019 NO REFUNDS will be granted to accepted teams.




1. Teams will be divided into pools of 3, 4 or 5 teams.
2. Each team will play one game against each team within its group, or one game against each team from another group.
3. Each team is assigned a minimum of 3 games.

Roster Requirements:

1. Each team must submit their roster information at the time of submitting their team entry in order for their team entry to be considered received. Changes and additions to the team roster may be made by team personnel up until 8 days prior to the tournament.
2. Players CANNOT be added to the team roster after 8 days prior to the tournament except when given special approval by Saskatoon United Soccer Club only in unusual or extreme circumstances. Regardless of the circumstances, players cannot be added after the team has played their first game.
3. Maximum roster size including guest players is 20 players.
4. All players must meet the age requirements and be listed on the team roster. Playing unregistered players will result in game defaults and your provincial association will be notified.
5. Players may only play for one team during the tournament.
6. A maximum of five (5) guest players are allowed per team. Guest players must be submitted 8 Days PRIOR to the tournament. If any player(s) are not approved, you will be notified.
7. Movement of players is limited by one division. (Example: U11 Premier can play U13 Division 2 but not U13 Division 3).
8. Teams should be prepared to produce their provincial registration form upon request.
9. All team personnel MUST be listed on the roster. Any person not on the roster is not permitted to be on the bench.
10. Saskatoon United Soccer Club does not require the use of player ID cards at the SUSC Under 13 United Cup Tournament.

Coach Certification Requirements:

1. All Saskatchewan team personnel MUST have their RIS and a minimum of one coach must have their age appropriate coach certification listed on the roster. Without these certifications, Saskatoon United Soccer Club has the right not to allow the individual to be listed on the roster or to sit on the bench. Respect in Sport (RIS) certification is free and can be obtained through the following website and takes approx. three hours and can be broken up in modules. https://sasksrc.respectgroupinc.com/secure/.
2. A minimum of one member of the Coaching Staff or Team Personnel must be ofvthe same gender as the players and on the bench for all games.
3. All members of the Coaching Staff (Head Coaches, Assistant Coaches and Apprentice/Developmental Coaches) must have completed the appropriate coach training and/or certification as follows: U13: Learn to Train + NCCP Making Head Way in Soccer + NCCP Making Ethical Decisions Module (MED) and/or Online Evaluation.
4. All out-of-province team personnel are strongly encouraged to have their Respect in Sport (RIS) certification through their local jurisdiction.

Tournament First Aid:

We will have first aid responders on duty at all times during our tournament. They will be accessible at Tournament Headquarters or can be contacted to come down to the field by calling Tournament Headquarters (306) 381-4953.Teams are required to have their own first aid supplies on-hand during the tournament. Ice packs will be available for purchase at Tournament Headquarters for $5.00

Game Formats:

Developmentally appropriate field (11v11 - including keeper)

Game Procedures:

It is the responsibility of the Coaching Staff to make themselves familiar with the rules for this tournament. Please refer to the website www.susctournament.ca.
1. A member from the team‘s personnel must report to Tournament Headquarters 30 minutes before game time to confirm the accuracy of the game sheet and sign it. Players or coaches that will not be present on the bench for any particular game must be crossed off that game sheet.
2. Except as otherwise provided here, the tournament rules shall be the Saskatoon Youth Soccer “Outdoor Rules".
3. The first team listed in the schedule is the home team.
4. The home team must have an alternate jersey and be prepared to change if, in the opinion of the referee, there is a color conflict. Where alternate uniforms are used, the uniforms need to be numbered and the game sheet needs to be updated with correct jersey numbers prior to the start of the game (on field if necessary).
5. SUSC will provide the game ball.
6. Players must not wear equipment which endangers themselves or other players including any kind of jewelry.
7. Any player with a hard cast will not be permitted to participate, regardless of if it is wrapped.
8. Player Substitutions: All divisions: unlimited from the centre on the fly.
9. A team without the required minimum players at 10 minutes past the scheduled game time will default: seven players for 11v11.
10. Under no circumstances can team(s) change or switch game times with another game or team(s). The schedule is final and cannot be manipulated by teams participating in the tournament or by the tournament coordinator. The only switching of game times that may occur is if there is a power failure then the tournament coordinator may adjust the schedule if necessary.
11. Please tidy up after your team prior to leaving the field or any team areas.

Length of Games:

Duration of the games for all divisions will be 50 minutes divided into two equal halves (2 x 25min halves). All teams must be ready to start play at their scheduled time. Any delay will reduce the total game time. A team without the required minimum players at 10 minutes past the scheduled game time will default. For playoff procedures regarding overtime length.


If a referee is not on field 5 minutes prior to the start of your game, please contact Tournament Headquarters immediately at (306) 381-4953. Referee Evaluation Forms are available at Tournament Headquarters. If your team is impressed or unimpressed with a referee, you are encouraged to fill out an evaluation form so that we can help provide constructive feedback to our referee development crew.

Group Ranking:

1. Each team receives 3 points for a win, 1 point for a tie, and 0 for a loss.
2. In the event of a default, the game shall be awarded to the team defaulted against with a 1-0 score and the team will receive 3 points for a win.
3. When recording final scores, a maximum goal difference of 5 will be considered in any single match. If the goal difference in a match exceeds 5, the final score will be recorded as the number of goals scored by the losing team plus 5, with this result considered as the final score for any tie-breaker. (Example: Tigers vs Sharks 8-1: final score will be recorded as 6-1).
4. Individual player stats such as who scored each goal will not be recorded on SYSI’s website tournament standings.
5. Tie Breakers: If two (2) or more teams amass an equal number of points, the following rules, in the following order, shall be used to determine final standings. In the case where a team has been eliminated from the points (i.e.: this occurs when uneven pools crossover such as four teams in one pool and three teams in another pool), any games played against the team eliminated are not considered in the tie breakers.

Previous Match Results – If two teams ONLY are tied the winner of the previous match between the two tied teams shall be awarded the higher position. If they did not play each other or are still tied go to the next tie breaker ~ “Goal Difference”. Previous Match Results are never considered between teams in any circumstance when the tie started out as a three or more-way tie. More than two teams tied start with “Goal Difference” and even if two teams remain still tied they proceed to “Least Goals Against” tie breaker and so on (never Previous Match Results).

Goal Difference (GD) – Calculate the GD for each game by subtracting total goals scored against from total goals scored for each game and then add up each GD for a total. In calculating the GD, a maximum difference of five (5) will be allowed for any one game. The team with the higher GD shall be awarded the higher position.

Example: Tie between Tigers and Hawks:
Tigers vs Sharks 8-1 (recorded as 6-1): GD will be counted as 5
Tigers vs Lions 4-3: GD will be counted as 1
Hawks vs Tigers 1-1: GD will be counted as 0
Total GD Tigers = 6
Sharks vs Hawks 2-8 (recorded as 2-7): GD will be counted as 5
Hawks vs Lions 4-2: GD will be counted as 2
Hawks vs Tigers 1-1: GD will be counted as 0
Total GD Hawks = 7
Higher position awarded to Hawks.

Least Goals Against - The team with the total least goals against shall be awarded the higher position (a maximum of five goals will be allowed for any one game).
Most Goals Scored - The team with the total most goals scored shall be awarded the higher position (a maximum of five goals will be allowed for any one game).
Penalty Shoot-Out - If two or more teams are still tied after exhausting the above tie breakers, then the higher standing shall be decided by kicks taken from the penalty mark, The Tournament Committee shall decide on a suitable time, date and field for the
scheduled penalty shoot-out.

Playoff Procedures:

1. The top team or top two teams in each group (depending on the particular schedule) will advance to the championship side or playoff.
2. In the playoffs, the losing team is eliminated from competition.
3. It is the responsibility of the team officials to determine if the team advances to the playoffs. Information will be available at Tournament Headquarters.

Overtime Periods:

1. In the event of a tie during round-robin games, no overtime will be played and each team will be awarded 1 point for a tie.
2. There will be two 5-minute halves of overtime if semi finals or finals are tied. Teams that are still tied will go to penalty shoot-out to determine a winner. There is NO GOLDEN GOAL, the whole duration of both 5-minute overtime periods must be played regardless of number of goals scored.

Penalty Shoot-Out Procedures: All teams may pick five players from their team to participate in the shoot-out for the first round of five shots each. If still tied after the first round (or after the 5 shots per team), the shoot-out goes into sudden death and teams are to use new players from their roster and cannot use the original first five players until all players from their roster are used including the keeper.

Medal Presentations

1. To take place on the field immediately after the game as long as the field is not running behind schedule.
2. If the field is running late the teams will be notified if the medal presentation will take place in an alternate location.


1. No protests will be heard on any judgment calls by the referee. Protests will be allowed on eligibility or other technical matters. All decisions by the referee will be final concerning outcome of game.
2. Protests, problems or complaints will be dealt with provided they are in writing and submitted to Tournament Headquarters within one hour of the completion of the game.
3. Referee Evaluation Forms are available at Tournament Headquarters. If your team is impressed with or unimpressed with a referee, you are encouraged to fill out an evaluation form so that we can help provide constructive feedback to our referee development crew.


Discipline matters will be dealt with at Tournament Headquarters. Any player involved in a discipline matter will be required to report to Tournament Headquarters within one hour of the completion of the game. Failure to appear may result in suspension from the tournament.

Discipline matters are as follows:
1. Three yellow cards (1 per game) throughout the tournament weekend result in an automatic 1 game suspension.
2. Two yellow cards in any given game result in an automatic 1 game suspension. The two yellow cards in this case will not be counted toward the total 3 yellow cards during the tournament weekend.
3. Any player or team personnel ejected from a game will receive an automatic 1 game suspension.
4. Upon review of the Misconduct Report and or Match Report, the Tournament Discipline Committee may take disciplinary action it sees fit, including suspension from Tournament play.
5. Any player or team personnel who faces more than a 1 game suspension may be subject to a discipline hearing as deemed and arranged by the Tournament Discipline Committee.


The SUSC Under 13 United Cup Tournament Discipline guidelines will follow the SYSI League Operating Rules and Regulations set forth by Saskatoon Youth Soccer;
1. At all times there must be one certified coaching staff on the bench. If both coaches are ejected from a game the team must have at minimum the team manager on the bench during the next game(s).
2. Foul or abusive language of any kind will not be tolerated.
3. Teams not fulfilling their tournament obligations; such as scheduled games due to game abandonment, not showing up, or other reasons, may face immediate suspension from the tournament at the discretion of the Tournament Committee and may face further discipline from their provincial association.

Saskatchewan Laws:

1. All players eligible to play in the SUSC Under 13 United Cup Tournament are "minors" in the Province of Saskatchewan. Possession or use of alcohol by "minors" is illegal. Any report of use of alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs will result in expulsion from the tournament.
2. Any person who defaces, destroys, steals, and/or otherwise abuses the facilities of the SUSC Under 13 United Cup Tournament or any SYSI or City of Saskatoon property will be expelled from the tournament, will be responsible for costs associated with damage, and will face disciplinary action from their member association/provincial body.

Download Tournament Rules (PDF) (updated May 7, 2019)

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